Sunday, 10 June 2012

Not a good Junathon

I'm sorry to say that my Junathon came to an abrupt holt. I know it didn't really get off to a 'running' start but things deteriorated. My sister-in-law sadly lost her fight against breast cancer this week. My husband understandably is devistated as we all are. Heather was only 52 years old. Its like a bad mightmare repeating itself as I lost my own sister to breast cancer when she was only 33 years old. To top it off my daughter has had sickness and I've had sickness and diahroea. Joy!

Anyway, I am thinking of entering a 1/2 marathon in 12 weeks to try and raise money for a local voluntary group called the Little Haven who gave Heather a lot of support and for the McMillan Nurses who as usual are marvellous people. Can anyone suggest a good plan to follow for someone who thinks 5k is a long run? Just want to finish without collapsing. Not too concerned about the time (within reason.... 5 hours is probably too long lol). Thanks.x

Monday, 4 June 2012

3rd June 2012 . .. desperate measures

I'm really clutching at straws today....

Yesterday I had a text asking if my daughter was attending a party (which I hadn't heard about). Bit last minute but she could go. It meant that my day was a mess with regards trying to exercise.

So here we go. 3 times I had to dash to the car from the party. The car was about 10m away from the door. I sprinted (in heels) each time as it was raining. So thats 60m sprint (interval training lol). Took 36 seconds.

Hang on though.... thats not all. Once home and birthday cake consumed I did go for a quick family walk. So didn't just lounge around drinking coffee ALL day. Covered 1 mile in about 15 minutes (few horses needed feeding grass on the way past so quite a leisurely walk).

See.... did do something. Till tommorrow (which I think will be a lame as today oops).

Saturday, 2 June 2012

2nd June 2012 Jubilee party

Wow what a great day.

The day started with making a crown with Catriona for the crown competition at the Jubilee party that was to be held 1.5 miles up the road. After not too much arguing we had an end result that was presentable.

Quick bite to eat and off we went and to shock everyone..... we walked there. Catriona, my husband and I. Everyone was patting us on the back for walking. Shows how unhealthy we must be lol. Quite hilly and its one section that I used to run a lot so I knew it well but Stevie and Catriona had never walked it. Well Catriona is only 5.

Once at the party there were races, dancing, a bouncy castle and all sorts. It was absolutely fantastic. The weather was dry and the band were good. What else could you ask for. Loads of friends to chat to and catch up with. Wish these occasions occurred more often. Catriona didn't win the crown competition but got a medal for entering and thats all she cared about. She had tried and so was happy.

Anyway. As we had walked one way.... well you guessed it....we had to walk back. Catriona complained most of the way home but she had been dancing lots. I refused to carry her though as she weighs a small tonne.

So total today 3 miles walk in about 50 minutes (with hills). No running but resistence training of pulling a small child along behind on the return journey. Better than nothing. xxx Till tommorrow.

1st June 2012

I think I really need some new trainers. I think this is the third Junathon I’ve participated in and I’ve had the same trainers through out. As you can imagine they are slicks underneath. Not a tread in sight. Not much of anything really as they are exposing threads everywhere on top too. However, I did try another pair of trainers recently and I am now sporting an Achilles tendon strain. Must just be sooooo used to these little bits of tread once known as trainers. Ooops. Maybe I’ll try my next aerobics class bare footed. Might be an improvement!

SO 1st June is here. I’m in pain and it’s a bank holiday weekend where Catriona is off school. Not a good start to be able to jog, even a short way. However, Catriona does need to get fit as she is strong but very unfit, especially for a young child, so walking is called for.

Off we trot to Lanark loch. It’s nice and flat and lots of things to look at. It’s a fantastic day so lots of folk out walking with their dogs which pleases Catriona. This makes her walk faster than a crawl trying to keep up with the folk in front just so she can play with their pooch.

We completed 1.5 miles in about 20 minutes. So although not jogging, better than nothing and I’m logging it xxx. This also does mean that I should be able to move tomorrow without looking like I have filled my pants!!!

Thursday, 30 June 2011

30th June... the last day

Wow, what an experience today. After getting all the house work done and all other little jobs that were needed I headed off for my first reiki massage. I had no idea what to expect. It wasn't something I would have gone for but it was a gift so thought I'd give it a try. I knew it wouldn't be a massage as such but I wasn't expecting to be so chilled I fell asleep three times in 40 minutes! Lots of tension around the right knee which was interesting and relieved by the reiki (nearly fell over when I stood up!). I knew about the tension in the shoulders but now I feel like a rubber band. Amazing really.

After that I took Catriona to her swimming lesson. Amongst screams and turmoil I was that chilled I really didn't mind. Lovely feeling and very calming.

Right exercise. I knew it would be pants today. Another 1km carpet trec. Took a whole 7 mins and 32 seconds. Told you I was chilled. I will make up for it tommorrow as I'm going to try out the new Adrenaline Junckie 2 by Audiofuel. I feel honoured to test run the music tracks so I'll need to do my best but listen to the tracks too. Zone in .....

On a great note, the fact that my gym buddy and I did the weight challenge last week at the gym has caused some what of a stir. Most of the folk that entered pump weights....lots.... but the fact that Helen and I didn't just showed that 'Joe Blog' could enter these comps and apparently there has been a lot of talk in the gym and more folk interested. Done a good turn. Apparently next months challenge is a cardio one. Looking forward to it.... bring it on! Well done to all who entered Juneathon. Everyone did amazing how ever much you achieved.

Wednesday 29th to go

Today was a more relaxing day than those of previous though time to exercise was still in minutes rather than hours. Some house work was needed first thing today so the ironing and shop ordering was done before Catriona was awake. Once the usual routine of the morning was complete I read some books to Catriona before heading out to collect some supplies for work. Once back Catriona and I headed to Catriona's best friends house for lunch and play where I would then be taking everyone for their pony riding lesson afterwards. Arrived home at 5.40pm in time to do the tea time routine. Again managed the hall dash as that's all I had time for (1km 7minutes, 15 seconds). This was followed up with the bath and bedtime routine and as Catriona has a 10 minute power nap in the car this took longer than usual. 9pm here already! Its verging on impossible to do anything other than the 1km in the house (jog wise) when you have a small child. I do have a cross trainer but this isn't jogging and it is currently buried in the spare room as the entrire contents of the Garage are also in there at the moment. Walking is done daily and will be done again tommorrow but I don't see this as exercise, just a means to get from A to B. Roll on School in August......

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

28th June…Feel like a fraud

Well my ideas….as usual….have not gone to plan today. Husband was due home early so I thought he could have kept an eye on Catriona for half an hour whilst I went for a jog. The weather was glorious for the first time in ages and I thought here is my chance to finish Juneathon in style. Well it wasn’t to be as usual. At the mere suggestion of baby sitting the excuses started flowing. After that I was instructed to go and get more roofing supplies. By the time I had returned, off loaded etc then it was time to put the tea on and alas no time for a jog! I was left to do my 1km hall dash yet again. This isn’t exercise to me; it’s just an excuse to say I’ve done something and frankly quite pants. Hence I feel like a fraud. Today’s time was 7 minutes and 8 seconds. I did go for a walk after tea with Catriona before the bed time routine started and we had lots of small races, so managed to knock 5 minutes of yesterdays walk time. So 1.5km walk in 15 minutes. Alas I don’t think tomorrow looks any better L